Current version: 1.13
Next version: 1.131
Remaining for 1.131: 0
Remaining existing features for 1.131: 0
Remaining new features for 1.131: 0
Remaining unspecified features for 1.131: 0
Status: resolved
Version: unspecified
Entry Type: existing feature
Priority: immediate
Posted By: dkluin
Posted On: 1st April 2015
Last Updated: 30th April 2015


All versions

TODO -Fix remaining crashes

There's a big issue reguarding crashes.

-Shutdown crash (Cause: "game_vc.img" collision files. This crash also causes incorrect COLL rendering. Fix this by removing all COL archives and re-adding them, and re-rebuilding IMG file. It may be corrupt.)
-Random crash (Cause: "main.scm" car generators. Must be fixed like this: Use fastman92's car generator code, and make them streamed. This can be done by defining every set of car generators to a specified zone; game must only generate car generators when the player is in a specified zone, and they mustn't be overwritten (fastman92's fix))
-Other crashes (Cause: "unknown.unknown")