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Posted By: dkluin
Posted On: 1st April 2015
Last Updated: 28th July 2015


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TODO - SCM Re-write

SCM rewrite, it's a very big project.

It will include:
-Everything unlocked by default (no storyline)
-External scripts loaded when starting a new game
-Car generators have their own enabling/disabling code (see the TODO for this)
-Side missions are unlocked by default
-Use a new mission ID layout
-Use a new External Script layout
-Add in LC liftbridge code when LC is converted
-Add in LC weapon pickups
-Add in LC vehicle spawns
-Add in LC bribes, horseshoes, and other stuff'
-Add in VC/LC shops/paynsprays/markers
-Add in markers for every SA/VC/LC location
-Remove storyline markers (CJ, BS, S, Cv, C-, C, TT, and so on) and replace them with custom VC/III icons
Needs rewrite.
#1 Posted by dkluin on 9th May 2015
LC/VC car generators are now streamed. LCS car generators were converted from SCM into binary IPL format, and will spawn random cars with random colors.

LC/VC pay N sprays have a limit and therefore they won't work.
#2 Posted by dkluin on 30th June 2015