Current version: 1.13
Next version: 1.131
Remaining for 1.131: 0
Remaining existing features for 1.131: 0
Remaining new features for 1.131: 0
Remaining unspecified features for 1.131: 0
Status: resolved
Version: unspecified
Entry Type: unspecified
Priority: high
Posted By: dkluin
Posted On: 21st April 2015
Last Updated: 9th June 2015


All versions

Release alpha 1.03.

Alpha build will include:
-LC Conversion - IDE file, DFFs without prelightning, TXDs, COLs, and other files.
-Optimizing the file layout. Seperating IPLs into binairy and text IPLs
-Adding the old SCM hotfix and optimize it to work efficiently. Car generators are now done through binary IPL files.
-Adding some external scripts, more and more will be added later.
-Adding in CC levels
-Adding in MLL from InFusions
-Sorting IMG files by IDE to speed up loading
-Attempts to fix the coll issue in VC. Our approach:
*COLs might be rendered as LODs so they will start to dissappear. Fixing the game_vc.img file and removing/readding the COL files will fix it. So, we want to seperate LODs and normal objects; normal objects go into binairy IPLs, LODs go into sol/maps/vcx/lod.ipl now.
*Attempt to look into coll archives for any issues. Check for missing models in IDE not in COL.
*Split up some large models into 2-3 smaller models. Will be a nice attempt to fix it.