Current version: 1.13
Next version: 1.131
Remaining for 1.131: 0
Remaining existing features for 1.131: 0
Remaining new features for 1.131: 0
Remaining unspecified features for 1.131: 0
Status: resolved
Version: 1.11
Entry Type: unspecified
Priority: normal
Posted By: dkluin
Posted On: 9th August 2015
Last Updated: 1st December 2015


All versions

Release Alpha 1.12

Includes some SA features hopefully, aswell as a more stable map.

Also a patch version for 1.1/1.11.

Must also include more handling data and more vehicles.
Maybe weapons?

-Include access to VC and III interiors
-Include access to a few SA features in other cities
-Fix some SCM bugs
-Work on the popcycle script and make it so LC and VC have different peds/vehicles the game may spawn
-Add weapons
-Add audio zones