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Posted By: IgorX
Posted On: 26th December 2015
Last Updated: 26th December 2015


All versions

Fix Game Crashes

Game can be crashed on the next locations:
1. VC Docks (The reason is wrong material in one building collision)
2. MLL near docks (rare game crash which was occuring in 69.5. The reason is unknown)
3. Rare crash when you have car crash with police car (I got it near Las Venturas)
4. Rare crash in Staunton (The reason is unknown)

Also we should check all cars in gta3.img. I don't know any car spawner for VC. log file to the first game crash. It would be useful in some situations.
#1 Posted by IgorX on 26th December 2015
Something is wrong with police car.
#2 Posted by IgorX on 26th December 2015