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Posted By: X-Seti
Posted On: 26th December 2015
Last Updated: 20th February 2016


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police car bug (possible paths issue)

Police car bug, when you crash into it or drive the vehicle into another collision, game crashes
#1 Posted by IgorX on 26th December 2015
Collisions in models/col are ok. I need to check police.dff
#2 Posted by IgorX on 26th December 2015
I can't find something wrong in police.dff. We can use police.dff from original VC and reconvert xbox one later.
#3 Posted by IgorX on 26th December 2015
The problem is related to paths. Look on this file
#4 Posted by IgorX on 27th December 2015
it's the SOL core, I need to look into this as it's only the cop car effected.
#5 Posted by X-Seti on 20th February 2016