Current version: 1.2
Next version: 1.3
Remaining for 1.3: 46
Remaining existing features for 1.3: 10
Remaining new features for 1.3: 13
Remaining unspecified features for 1.3: 21
Status: skipped
Version: 1.3
Entry Type: new feature
Priority: normal
Posted By: Mex
Posted On: 5th February 2016
Last Updated: 24th February 2016

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Window design #1

main window minimize icon
main window maximize/restore icons
main window close icon
main window new tab icon
entry list row colour #1
entry list row colour #2
entry list selected row colour
text colour and font size for left buttons
text colour and font size for top buttons
main window button icons (left + top) e.g. Open, Close, etc. (Need to decide on buttons first)
main window menu

(which buttons to use)
main window buttons (left)
main window buttons (top)